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From President

Dr. Yasuyuki SAKAI
President of the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (JASSE) during 2017-2018
(Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo)

I am honored to serve as the 14th president of the JSAAE for 2017-2018.  I would like to basically succeed and develop the latest JSAAE’s strategy, the activities and the management system, which have been almost completed by the last President, Dr. Hajime KOJIMA (NIHS), so that JSAAE can continue sustainable development in a long term.  I would like to have all your supports during two years.

In 2017-2018, my general goal as the president are “Interdisciplinary fusion of science and technology toward widening targets of alternative research”, “Dissemination of 3Rs concept in Japanese society”, “Continuous contribution to world alternative research community in changing situation” and “Sustainable management”.  To realize these goals, I would like to implement various measures as follows with the executive board members and the members of various committees.

We would like to pursuit Interdisciplinary fusion and thus increase the number of JSAAE members through cooperation with other related societies in the occasions of annual meetings, recruiting new members both industry and academia.  Since the targets of alternative research are now shifting from local to systemic effects in a longer term, not only improvement of in vitro methods but also proper integration with various analytical and numerical methodologies.  The feature of JSAAE is objective-oriented integration of various disciplines/technologies for their implementation in the society, while considering the future ideal systems for non-animal evaluation of effects in humans. This point of JSAAE should be improved and developed with intimate cooperation with related industries.  Specifically, we would like to start experimental seminars focused on alternative test methods proposed by JSSAE members and recently employed as OECD test guideline/guidance.  Such events have eagerly expected by domestic industries.

I regret to say that implementation of alternative methods is still under way in Japan.  Therefore, in addition to the above-mentioned scientific/technological efforts toward the “Replacement” concept, we have to strengthen the efforts to dissemination of the “Refinement” and “Reduction” concepts in Japanese society.  This will be enabled by active communication and cooperation with various groups pursuing animal rights and warfare and this also sheds a light on the acceleration of alternative methods research in Japan.  Also, we need to set up proper direction about how we can enlighten young generations toward 3Rs.     

As the international contributions of JSSAE, we would like to keep and develop versatile scientific/technological supports to the activities of JaCVAM.  In particular, we would like to set up a cooperation of Chinese counterpart community in addition to the existing cooperation with KSAAE, EUSAAT and ASCCT, with which JSAAE has agreements for mutual cooperation.  One important thing is to enable the registration of JSAAE’s official journal, AATEX, to the web-based database, PubMed Central, opening up the new direction of AATEX.  Our efforts and contributions concerning 3Rs are very much appreciated in the international community through hosting WC6 in Tokyo (2006) and 1st Asian Congress in Karatsu last year.  While purring the basis of these efforts, we need to consider our new strategy for ideally benefitting both Japanese colleagues and world community.

Raising young researchers in the next generations is a serious problem even for JSAAE that is focused on actively-growing research areas.  We would like to pursuit intentional recruitment of younger researchers from both academia and industry, so that we can secure the sustainable development of JSAAE.  Alleviation of works for management of JSAAE should be pursued in order to increase the time for younger professionals, who have recently less and less time for research.

It is almost impossible for the executive board members and the committee members alone to realize these goal through versatile measures above, I would like to ask supports from the members, councilors, industries, associations or groups for 2017-2018. 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude in advance. 


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