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new program Ver.2 (2007.8.3)

Guest speakers

Horst Spielmann
ZEBET, German Center for Documentation and Validation of Alternatives to Animal Experiments,
at the BfR, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin, Germany

Tsutomu Sugahara
Emeritus member of JSAAE, Emeritus Prof. of Kyoto Univ., Japan

Andrew N Rowan
Executive Vice-President, Operations, The HSUS CEO, Humane Society International

"Beginning of the Alternative research in Japan: Reminding the past and expecting the future"
Tsutomu Sugahara (The Japan Health Foundation, Kyoto, Japan)

"The contribution of the new European Chemicals Policy REACH to the development of Alternative Methods in Toxicology"
Horst Spielmann (BfR - Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin, Germany)

"SkinEthic Laboratories, a devoted company to develop and produce in vitro alternative methods to the animal use"
Anne de Brugerolle (SkinEthic Laboratories, Nice, France)

"EpiDerm Skin Corrosion Test: Evidence of Long Term Reproducibility and Reliability for a Regulatory Accepted Method"
Mitchell Klausner (MatTek Corporation, Ashland, MA, USA)

"Novel Methods of Drug Screening using Multi-Electrode Recording System (MED system)" Ken Shimono12, Rika Yamazaki2, Hideyasu Jiko2
(1 Advanced Technology Research Lab., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.,
2 Alpha MED Sciences Co., Ltd., Japan)

"PuraMatrixTM: 3-D Cell Culture System for Alternative Test Methods"
Jiro Takei (3-DMatrix Japan, Ltd.)

"The Potential of Cultured Human Tissue induced by Tissue Engineering Technology"
Ken-ichiro Hata (Director R&D, Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. Japan)

"TESTLIVERTM have much potential as a useful tool for drug discovery"
Taku Arakawa (TOYOBO CO., LTD. Japan)

"Development and evaluation of the Vitrolife-SkinTM, a three-dimensional cultured skin model"
Noriyuki Morikawa (Research & Development Center, GUNZE Ltd., Kyoto, Japan)

"The Zero Option Project: Moving away from a reliance on animal testing"
Andrew N Rowan & Martin L Stephens (HSUS, Washington, DC, USA)