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6th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences
-Review progress made toward the 3Rs-

Vol.14, Special Issue
March 31, 2008

Page 1-177
 Page 179-327
 Page 329-507
 Page 509-668
 Page 669-809

Page 669-809

  1. Development of the alternative method for renal drug excretion using Xenopus oocyte expression system combined with a high throughput method, OOCYTEEXPRESS®
    N. Ohtsu, J. Otomo, N. Anzai, T. Sakata, P. Jutabha, S. Narikawa, T. Kadota and H. Endou, 669-671.
  2. A higher throughput method to the Embryonic Stem cell Test (EST), to detect embryotoxicity in early development
    A. K. Peters, M. Steemans, N. Mesens, E. Hansen, G. R. Verheyen, S. Spanhaak, W. Coussement and P. Vanparys, 673-677.
  3. The possibility of the prediction of slimming by in vitro tests combination
    M. Tsukiyama, Y. Ito, N. Nakashima, C. Urata, M. Arashima, H. Okumura and A. Takada, 679-683.
  4. Establishment and characterization of a tracheal epithelial cell line RTEC11 from transgenic rats harboring temperature-sensitive simian virus 40 large T-antigen
    T. Doi, I. Takasaki, R. Takahashi, M. Ueda, Y. Suzuki, M. Obinata and Y. Tabuchi, 685-688.
  5. Development of an effective three dimensional fabrication technique using inkjet technology for tissue model samples
    C. Henmi, M. Nakamura, Y. Nishiyama, K. Yamaguchi, S. Mochizuki, K. Takiura and H. Nakagawa, 689-692.
  6. Histological study of pseudobranch in Ctenopharyngodon idella
    G. Hamidian and N. Alboghobeish, 693-696.
  7. Initial study on the safety test using the planarian regeneration
    S. Okumura and Y. Kobayashi, 697-698.
  8. HL-60 ATP assay for predicting rat oral toxicity study
    Y. Iwase and N. Tsutsui, 699-703.
  9. Thought before action -What do the public and others really want to know?
    J. Richmond, 705-709.
  10. Severity assessment -The New Zealand experience and perspective
    A. C. D. Bayvel, L. A. Carsons and K. E. Littin, 711-714.
  11. Categories of invasiveness -A precautionary approach
    G. Griffin, M. Dansereau and C. Gauthier, 715-720.
  12. Attitudes to severity assessment in Japan
    T. Kuhara, 721-722.
  13. Animal welfare and ISO -the International Organisation for Standardization
    J. Richmond, 723-726.
  14. The role of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in the development of international standards for laboratory animal welfare
    S. Kahn, 727-730.
  15. Setting global standards for animal welfare monitoring of external contractors
    L. F. Mikkelsen, H. N. Hansen, L. Holst and J. L. Ottesen, 731-733.
  16. A global vision for laboratory animal medicine
    J. M.-A. Clark, 735-737.
  17. Practical consideration of 3Rs' reduction principle in a private sector CRO on Taiwan
    H. H. Chen, C. Yang, W. Jian and S. Leu, 739-742.
  18. The past to present animal use and current animal protection law in Taiwan
    H. H. Chen, 743-748.
  19. Animal care and use programs: Global harmonization through alternatives
    K. Bayne, 749-752.
  20. Necessity of world annual report and country's ranking in commitment to 3Rs; A novel proposition
    F. Heidary, R. Gharebaghi, M. R. V. Mahdavi, A. Dibaei and H. Ghasemi, 753-755.
  21. The 3"R"S approach to marine biotoxin testing in the UK
    N. Dennison and D. B. Anderson, 757-761.
  22. Incentives and impediments to adopting alternative shellfish testing methods in Canada
    A. Guy and G. Griffin, 763-767.
  23. The European partnership for alternative approaches to animal testing
    C. Laroche, G. Lalis and C. Brekelmans, 769-773.
  24. Implementation of the 3Rs in European regulation -activities of Working Group 4 of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing
    I. Impact of liability issues and the precautionary principle, II. Evaluation of statistical reporting for measuring the uptake of 3Rs in regulatory testing

    J. Scheel and C. Brekelmans, 775-778.
  25. Overview of the test requirements in the area of food and feed safety
    D. Maurici, S. Barlow, D. Benford, E. Dybing, M. Halder, S. Louhimies, M. Holloway, A. Lacerda, A. Mantovani, O. Meyer, I. Pratt, D. Morton, W. Seinen, H. Spielmann and P. Le Neindre, 779-783.
  26. Underreporting of the three Rs development that occurs during the planning of protocols that precedes thier submission to animal ethics committees
    D. J. Mellor, J. C. Schofield and V. M. Williams, 785-788.
  27. Risk assessment in animal welfare -EFSA approach
    C. Müller-Graf, D. Candiani, S. Barbieri, O. Ribó, A. Afonso, E. Aiassa, P. Have, S. Correia, F. De Massis, T. Grudnik and J. Serratosa, 789-794.
  28. The extended 1-generation study (OECD 415), as a replacement of the mammlian 2-generation study (OECD 416)
    H. Spielmann and R. Vogel, 795-798.
  29. Alternative testing -The intelligent way to REACH compliance
    A. Poth and M. Jaeger, 799-803.
  30. Legislation of animal use -Developments in Europe
    B. van Zutphen, 805-809.

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