Vol.16 No.2 (October 31, 2011)


    1.Comparison of Several Reconstructed Cultured Human Skin Models by Microscopic Observation: Their Usefulness as an Alternative Membrane for Skin in Drug Permeation Experiments
    Satoshi Kano et al.
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University, Saitama, Japan et al.
    (pp. 51-58)


    2.In vitro Thermoreversible Gel Disc Quantitative Assay of Rat Angiogenesis
    Shin Wakui et al.
    Department of Toxicology, Azabu University School of Veterinary Medicine, Kanagawa, Japan, et al.
    (pp. 59-66)


    2.Human Drug Transporter Gene-expressing Cells are Useful Alternatives to Predict Pharmacokinetics in Man
    Naohiko Anzai et al.
    Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine, Tochigi, Japan, et al.
    (pp. 67-73)

JSAAE-JaCVAM Joint Workshop
"International Trends on 3Rs in Animal Experiments"
February 14, 2011 at Komaba Haricot (Convention Hall),
An Building, Komaba Research Campus, University of Tokyo
(pp. 74-83)

AATEX 14, Special Issue, 2008
Proc. 6th World Congress on Alternatives & Animal Use in the Life Sciences
August 21-25, 2007, Tokyo, Japan (pp.739-809)
(pp. 84-94)

9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences
(pp. 95)

URL data from World Wide Website
(pp. 96-100)

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