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Annual meeting

The 26th Annual Meeting

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  December 19(Thu) to 21(Sat), 2013
  Kyoto Terrsa (Shinmachi Kujo Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan -- Kyoto Citizen's Amenity Plaza)
Tel:+81-75-692-3400, Fax:+81-75-692-3402
Access Guide: http://www.kyoto-terrsa.or.jp/pdf/access-english.pdf
Kyoto Terrsa Home Page (in Japanese): http://www.kyoto-terrsa.or.jp/
  "New Developments in basic science and of Alternatives to Animal Experiments"
  Chairman of 26th Conference: Koichi IMAI (Osaka Dental University)
Chairman of Arrengement Committe: Hidenobu OKUMURA (Noevir Co.,Ltd.)
Chairman of Program Committee: Dr. Takeshi OMORI (Faculty of Culture and Information Science, Doshisha University)
  August 1(Thu) - October 31 (Thu)
Registration fee:
Pre-registration: General (Member of JSAAE: JPY7,000, Non member: JPY12,000, Student: JPY2,000)
Registration on site: General (Member of JSAAE: JPY10,000, Non member: JPY15,000, Student: JPY3,000)
Banquet fee
Pre-registration: General JPY7,000 / Student JPY2,000
Registration on site: General JPY8,000 / Student JPY3,000 Call for Paper: September 5 (Thu) - October 10 (Thu)
Conference office
Dept. Biomaterials, Osaka Dental Univ., 8-1 Kuzuha hanazono cho, Hirakata, Osaka573-1121, JAPAN
E-mail: info?jsaae26.jp (You need to convert the @ sign Mark ?)

Past annual meeting

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6th World Congress on Alternative Animal Use in the Life Sciences
(August 21st-25th, 2007)

The 20th Annual Meeting (December 8th-9th, 2006)
Memory of the 20th Annual Meeting in Univ. of Tokyo
The contents of many special presentations are downloadable by the pdf file.

The 19th Annual Meeting (December 1st-2nd, 2005)

The 18th Annual Meeting (November 30th-December 2nd, 2004)

The 17th Annual Meeting (November 7th-8th, 2003)

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