In vitro cytotoxicity test using rabbit conjunctiva, rabbit cornea and HeLa cells as alternatives for the Draize eye irritation test

Tadashi OKUBO1, Keiko HIRAIWA1, shigemi KINOSHITA1 and Masami WATANABE2
1Research Laboratory, POLA Corporation, 27-1 Takashimadai Kanagawa-ku Yokohama221, Japan.
2Division of Radiation Biology, School of Medicine, Yokohama City University, 3-9 Fukuura, Kanagawa-ku Yokohama 236, Japan.

AATEX 1(1):2-9

In vitro cytotoxicities of 7 detergents, 5 shampoos and 3 rinses were determined on the basis of the colony forming abilities of three types of cells, primary rabbit conjunctiva1 (RCN) cells, corneal (RC) cells and established HeLa cells. We compared the cytotoxicities of each cell type in vitro and the Draize eye irritation test in vivo , and compared the cytotoxicities among three types of cells. There was a good correlation between the cytotoxicities of each cells in vivo and the Draize score in vivo, and a correlation among three types of cells. The same sensitivities among the three types of cells were observed. These data suggest that, using either RCN, RC or HeLa cells, the cytotoxicity test in vitro may be useful as a substitute for the Draize eye irritation test.