The Effects of Dental Monomers on Total Nitrate/Nitrite Production in HEp-2 Cells

Koichi Imai, Yoshihisa Kosada, Syuhei Kuroda and Masaaki Nakamura
Osaka Dental University

Correpondence: Koichi Imai, Ph.D.
Department of Biomaterials, Osaka Dental University
8-1, Kuzuhahanazono-cho, Hirakara-city, Osaka573-1121, Japan
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Original paper :AATEX 9(2-3):45-51
We determined the amount of total nitrate/nitrite produced from HEp-2 cells when cultured with various methacrylate monomers used for dental composite resins, such as Bis-GMA, Bis-MPEPP, UDMA, TEGDMA, EGDMA, and HEMA. For every monomer the total nitrate/nitrite level tended to decrease as the monomer concentration increased and no nitrate/nitrite production was observed at the monomer concentration of 500g/mL and 250g/mL. The monomer concentrations that inhibit nitrate/nitrite production to 50% of the control level (IC50) were in the following order: HEMA > EGDMA >> Bis-GMA TEGDMA> Bis-MPEPP = UDMA. The cytotoxicities of monomers by the MTT method were also determined in terms of other IC50 values. There seems to be a correlation between the two IC50 values though the correlation coefficient was not high (R2=0.822). Further studies are necessary to elucidate the biological meaning of the effects of dental monomers on nitrate/nitrite production in vitro and those for in vivo toxicity mechanisms.

Key words: nitrate/nitrite, cytotoxicity, Bis-GMA, UDMA