Vol.7 No.4

Annual Meeting Report

  1. Presented at the14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Alternatives Animal Experiments (JSSAE), November 15-17, 2000, Chiba
    (pp. 79 - 142)

    Plenary Lecture

  2. Current Validation Studies on Alternatives to Animal Experiments in Europe
    Horst Spielmann and Manfred Liebsch
    (pp. 81 - 89)


     Satellite Session                                                 --97
       Utilization and Some Problems with Skin Irritation Alternative Test Kit 
     Symposium 1                                                       --97
       Current Status of Alternative to Animal Experiments in Safety Assessment 
     Plenary Lecture                                                   -104
       AATEX Excellent Paper Award Lecture                             -105
     Symposium 2                                                       -106
       Possibilities of High-throughput Screening in Alternative Animal Experiments 
     Panel Meeting                                                     -113
       Alternative Test Kit for Skin Irritation and It's Problem 
     Mini Workshop                                                     -115
       New Approaches to the Assessment of Acute Systemic Toxicity 
     Forum for Citizen                                                 -119
       Animal Experimentations and Alternatives in Primary and Secondary Schools
     Poster Presentations                                              -122


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