Snap Photographs of the 20th JSAAE Annual Meeting
(Univ. of Tokyo)

Download by Presentation Files (Pdf File)

1. Sophisticated in vivo research based on the 3R-principle (3,732KB)

2. 3Rs in India:Past, Present and the Future (2,442KB)

3. Current Status of 3Rs in China (3,239KB)

4. Current Status of Alternative Study in NITR (National Institute of Toxicological Research) (2,341KB)

5. ECVAM'S Role in Making Alternative Methods Available for New European Legislation (2,853KB)

6. The evaluation of alternative test methods by ICCVAM - Current practices and activities (7,426KB)

7. Action of Ministry of Health, Lobour, and Welfare (MHLW), Japan (357KB)

8. Introduction of Validation Projects Organized by JaCVAM (1,556KB)

9. Action of Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), JAPAN (563KB)

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