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Invitation for the 2009 Research Grant Application

Planning Committee of the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments

The Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments offers research grants every year in accordance with the objectives behind the foundation of the Society: to promote research, development, education, and studies related to alternatives to animal experiments, and to disseminate the accomplishments of these activities. This year, we are accepting applications for the 2009 Research Grant as outlined below and look forward to receiving applications from many of our members.

Guidelines for application

1) Research contents: Must comply with the Society窶冱 objectives mentioned above.

2) Eligibility for application: Members of the Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments

3) Responsibilities of the grant recipient:
The researcher who has received the grant is obligated to deliver a presentation on the grant-aided research during the Society窶冱 annual meeting to be held in November 窶・December 2010. He/she is also required to submit a summary of the research achievements to the president of the Society via the Planning Committee by the end of December 2010. In addition, he/she must submit a paper to the AATEX journal by the end of March 2011, and if accepted for publication, submit a separate copy to the Planning Committee. He/she must clearly state in his/her presentation or paper that he/she has received the grant from the Society. If any of these obligations are not fulfilled, the Society will require him/her to return the grant.

4) Amount of grant: Total budget is approximately 1 million yen.
The exact use of grant funding shall not be checked as long as it is used appropriately for the purpose of conducting research.

5) Criteria for selection of the research grant recipient:
The Planning Committee will review application documents based on the following criteria, a. to e., and select one research project in principle.
When animals are used, note that applications with no detailed description about 窶徨eduction of the number of animals used窶・and 窶徨elief of pain窶・will be at a strong disadvantage at the time of selection.

a. The research purpose must comply with the Society窶冱 objectives and 3Rs for alternatives to animal experiments.
繝サDoes the research purpose lead to a replacement for animal experiments? (Replacement)
繝サDoes it lead to a reduction of the number of animals used? (Reduction)
繝サDoes it lead to refining animal experiments, such as by relieving pain in animals? (Refinement)

b. The research method must comply with the Society窶冱 objectives.
繝サWhen animals are used in the method, is the number of animals used appropriate?
繝サIs the method not inflicting unnecessary pain to animals?

c. The research contents must contribute to the development of science and be academically interesting.

d. The probability of achieving the target results must be high. Because this grant basically provides one fiscal year of support, it is desirable that the initially expected results are achieved within the support period.

e. In principle, this grant shall not be offered to the same individual for two consecutive years. Also, priority shall be given to young researchers wherever possible.

6) Application format:
Provide the information listed below on A4 paper, using 10.5 point font size, 35 lines per page.

Page 1:
1. Name of applicant
2. Date of birth
3. Age
4. Organization
5. Contact information (Postal code, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address)
6. Academic degree and date obtained
7. Academic discipline

Page 2-3:
8. Research subject
9. Total research cost and breakdown of its costs (brief summary)
10. Research purpose
11. Research plan

Page 4:
12. Research achievements (Only principal achievements in the most recent 5 years)

7) Mailing address:
6-13-1 Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-8521,JAPAN
Noevir Co., Ltd. Kobe Research Center
Hidenobu OKUMURA (The Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments, Planning Committee)
TEL: 078-303-5132縲:AX: 078-303-5752
e-mail: n84509En1.noevir.co.jp

You may e-mail the application documents as a Word attachment or send them by mail.

8) Deadline: Sunday, September 13, 2009
If sent by mail, applications postmarked on the date of deadline shall be considered valid.
No applications received after the deadline will be reviewed.

Applicants will be notified by e-mail upon receipt of the application. Please contact us if you do not hear from us for 7 days.

9) Schedule for review and issuance
After the application deadline, the Planning Committee will start deliberation in late September and decide on a nominee to receive the grant. The grant will be given by late November, followed by the necessary procedures.

10) Contact:
Same as the mailing address. Please note that e-mail or fax is the preferred way to contact us.

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