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From President

Presidential message on the 10th Anniversary of the Japanese Society for Amino Acid Sciences

The JSAAS was established in 2007 as a successor of the Research Committee of Essential Amino Acids (RCEAA), which had played a pivotal role in the advancement of amino acid science in Japan for 50 years. Under the supervision of former presidents, Prof. Motoni Kadowaki and Prof. Yoshiharu Shimomura, the JSAAS has been growing steadily but vigorously since its foundation and has developed into an essential and unique voice for the scientific community in Japan. Among the main focuses of the RCEAA were the nutritional, metabolic, biochemical, and physiological roles played by amino acids, and these continue to be areas of interest for the JSAAS. Other topics actively discussed in relation to amino acids include novel functions, new analytical approaches, metabolomics, and their effective clinical use.

  • The 9th Annual Meeting of the JSAAS successfully took place at the University of Shiga Prefecture (October 23rd-24th, organized by Prof. Wataru Fukuwatari).
  • The 6th Summer Symposium was held at Awa Kanko Hotel on July 13th. The symposium was organized by Dr. Tomitsugu Nakabayashi. All in attendance were able to enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of Tokushima prefecture.
  • The JSAAS and the International Council on Amino Acid Science (ICAAS) of Japan held a joint symposium entitled “Basic and Clinical Aspects of Amino Acid Sciences” at the 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition (Yokohama) on May 15th. It was chaired by Prof. Yoshiharu Shimomura and Prof. Kazuhiko Fukatsu and drew a full audience.
  • A joint symposium with the Japanese Society for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition (JSSMN) was held at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the JSSMN on July 2nd.
  • The 2015 JSAAS Science and Technology Award were awarded to Dr. Shushi Nagamori and Dr. Nobuaki Shiraki.
  • Issues 1 and 2 of Volume 9 of “Amino Acid Research”, the society’s journal, were published.

During 2016, which marks the society’s 10-year anniversary, we are planning the following:

  • The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Meeting: The scale of this year’s annual meeting is set to be larger than previous meetings. The event will be held at the University of Tokyo (Ito Hall) from September 11th-13th, and organized by Prof. Ryuichiro Sato. On the first day, a public symposium will be conducted by Dr. Takahiro Hara. The second and third day program will include a plenary lecture, the international symposium, an oral session and a poster session. Three prominent lecturers from abroad have been invited for the international symposium.
  • Production of an Edification Poster: A poster illustrating basic information on amino acids will be distributed.
  • Publication of a Book in English: A book entitled “Amino acid biology in the post-genome era: New perspectives” is under preparation by the society and will be published by Springer later in the year.
  • Renewal of the society logo and journal
  • Others: Other planned activities include collaborative events with the JSSMN, publication of “Amino Acid Research”, a symposium at the annual meeting of the Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science (JSNFS), and the awarding of the JSAAS Science and Technology Award.

As our schedule shows, the JSAAS has been overseeing a wide range of activities despite its moderate number of members with notable successes being made on an international level. The society is currently planning to hold a symposium at the 21st International Congress of Nutrition 2017 (Buenos Aires) with the JSNFS. Such events were only possible with the aid of our honorable members of the International Advisory Board ( and the ICAAS Japan. I would like to acknowledge and thank them for their special contribution.


Hisanori Kato
President of JSAAS
April 1st, 2016

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