The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine

The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine initially started out as the Cell Therapy Research Society in 1992, which was dissolved in 2001. In its place, the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine was established and succeeded the previous society’s goals. The society has over 20 years of history.
In the 21st century, the rapid development in biotechnology and regenerative medicine is akin to the IT revolution in terms of importance as pillars in human development. The society’s name in Japanese emphasizes the word “medicine,” reflecting its goal for regenerative technology to not only be limited as a scholarly exercise but rather to advance medical research for beneficial techniques applicable to a clinical setting, and to contribute to human health. To achieve this goal, we gather knowledge from various fields in order to provide a breeding ground for cutting-edge, creative approaches based on free ideas, and ground-breaking research. In 2012, our society’s director, Professor Shinya Yamanaka, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, showing our society’s commitment to its role in supporting active, scientific research in the field.
Moreover, our society has been campaigning for the relaxation of Japanese government regulations concerning studies, clinical trials, and clinical applications related to regenerative medicine. As a result, the new laws Act for the Promotion of Regenerative Medicine, Revised Japanese Pharmaceutical Law, and Act to Ensure Safety in Regenerative Medicine were approved in 2013. The first clinical trial using iPS cells on humans cells is scheduled to start this autumn in Japan.
We take pride in the achievement of Prof. Yamanaka. In addition, we will continue to strive in order to promote advances in health and contribute to improved well-being of all people in the world.

Teruo OKANO, Ph.D.
Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science
Tokyo Women's Medical University
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