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About Us - Outline of the Organization

Outline of the Organization

Name of organization Association for Supporting Academic Societies (ASAS)
Date of the establishment 2004, September 4th
Main business contents
  1. Member management of academic society
    Enrollment and withdrawal , processing address change,
    Inquiry correspondence, member fee management,
    Sales management of official journal of a scientific society,
    Membership list management
  2. Accounting of academic society
    Balance management, financial report management,
    Creation of budget, auditing support
  3. General affairs of academic society
    Inquiry management , meeting management (board if directors,
    Board of trustee, various committee),management of election,
    Qualification management, lectures management,
    Relation management with The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
    Science and Technology and Science Council of Japan
  4. Sales of publication from academic society
    Management of sales and distribution
  5. Management of lecture/seminar of academic society
    Planning, setting of congress secretariat,
    editing/production of abstract papers, schedule management,
    venue management, human resource management,
    budgeting and financial management
  6. Production and management of Academic society home pages.
  7. Others

Association for Supporting Academic Societies

5-3-13 Otuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012, Japan     Phone: +81-3-5981-6011     Fax: +81-3-5981-6012     Email : office@asas-mail.jp